About Us

We believe there are companies and organizations that produce goods and services that are high quality, ethical and innovative but they have not been able to reach the true influencers in our society.

Our Story

We work with these groups, to create new brands or revamp existing ones, greatly increasing their visibility and credibility. The results grow their marketplace and dramatically improve their bottom line.

We understand that there is an influential role for us to play with our clients – one that starts with ideas rather than the medium they are communicated with. That said, we also understand that our ideas are only as good as their execution and that good design is the single most valuable asset in making impact and inevitably, creating brand value. A successful brand is actually a successful relationship and in order to affect change, you must effect people.

Our History

We founded Cause+Affect with the intention of building a company that was more than a design agency. We wanted to solve larger problems than just aesthetics. We wanted to change cities, impact society, help big companies do better, and help new companies make it. We had values, beliefs and demands and wanted our clients to have them to.

Over the past ten years we have fulfilled this intention and more. Our diverse track record of projects and clients has positioned us as a leading source of branding and has built a reputation for top tier design quality, social and environmental consciousness, and a culturally focused mandate to create a better city.

Our Principals

Since its founding in 2004, the members of Cause+Affect have become experts on what drives urban culture. The brands, initiatives and events we have created have come to represent the culture of the city, allowing us to form a unique connection with its influential creative class and a leadership role within the cultural community.

Having the unique understanding of the needs and wants of both sides of the brand relationship, Jane and Steven Cox, the Principals of Cause+Affect, have become invaluable brand consultants to many influential companies and organizations and two of Vancouver’s leading tastemakers.

Steven Cox


Steven Cox is the Creative Director of Cause+Affect where he has overall responsibility for steering and directing all brand work. Steven is actively involved with all of Cause+Affect’s clients and works with the creative team to maintain the unique directive for the company.

Steven has accumulated a broad range of branding experience across markets, geographies and disciplines. He strives to develop fully integrated brand systems where graphic, architectural, and digital communications are brought together to form holistic brand experiences.

From real estate development to sustainability and social justice brands, Steven is widely known for his unwavering honesty, design sophistication and unique knowledge of the truly influential. His work experience includes award-winning campaigns and projects for clients including The Globe Foundation of Canada, Volkswagen, Virgin Atlantic Airways, The Vancouver Art Gallery and Tides Canada.

Concurrent to his work at Cause+Affect, Steven sits as an advisory board member to the Vancouver Film School and acts as an external consultant to many of North America’s leading Real Estate developers. He has received a Masters of Architecture from the University of Manitoba and professional qualifications as an Architect in the UK from the South Bank University.

Jane Cox


Jane Cox has been Managing Director of Cause+Affect since she founded the company in 2004. A natural-born catalyst and seasoned creative strategist, Jane’s inquisitive mind uncovers the nuances hidden within companies and organizations that help to shape successful strategy and drive improved positioning and innovation.

Armed with a Bachelor of Interior Design, her unique and rewarding career path took her across Europe and North America spanning industries from business and media to fashion and lifestyle, delivering multi-platform communication and design solutions for her clients.  Jane has developed a unique understanding of consumer trends and cultural behaviour and brings this knowledge to each of her engagements.

With passion and expertise in building culture and community,  Jane has led a diverse range of influential initiatives including FUSE at The Vancouver Art Gallery, EPIC-The Sustainable Living Expo, Volkswagen’s ‘Green Guts’, and the creation of the globally renowned PechaKucha Nights in Vancouver.

As well as her work with private clients, Jane has been a past member of the Cultural Facilities Advisory Group for the City of Vancouver and was selected as City Insider by Wallpaper Magazine for their Vancouver travel publication.  She continues to believe that making people feel part of something is where the magic happens.