• Business of Design: The branded and the beautiful – The Vancouver Sun

    odd-society1“Innovative and inviting design is a must for Vancouver’s craft breweries and boutique distilleries”

    It seems like a new craft brewery or distillery pops up in Vancouver every other day. And the thing is, they’re all great. Every single one of them.

    So how do you stand out?

    This article by Rebecca Keillor in the Vancouver Sun argues “Good design it seems — in bottles, labelling and tasting room interiors — is key to capturing craft drinkers.”

    We’re proud to have our work for Odd Society Spirits profiled alongside the great work from Postmark Brewing with design by Burnkit and Brassneck Brewing with interior design from Simcic Uhrich Architects and branding by Post Projects.

    Read an excerpt about Odd Society below….

    “Standing out has been key to the success of East Vancouver’s Odd Society Spirits, general manager Miriam Karp says. Odd Spirits makes small-batch, individually crafted vodka, gin, whisky and creme de cassis, and the design of their tasting room attracted a photo shoot with Wallpaper Magazine some days after the distillery’s opening in autumn of last year.

    “People walk in and they may not know anything about distilling or don’t really have a technical interest in distilling, but they’re always staring at this equipment,” Karp says. “They tell us that the space is warm but very beautiful. It’s not cold.”

    Achieving this look and the unique branding and bottling of their spirits, each one embraced like an individual personality and presented as such, took the help of branding and design company Cause + Affect, best known for their PechaKucha Night series.

    “There’s this kind of quirkiness that comes from the brand,” Cause+Affect creative director Steven Cox says. “So there’s a number of different oddities that you would find in the space from a stuffed pheasant or skulls on the wall or paintings — a bit of a collector’s shop where the owners could let their own personalities show through a little bit. It was trying not to be overly trendy or overly styled.”

    Cox has an architectural background, and his wife and business partner Jane Cox started out as an interior designer. They say Odd Society’s product has lived up to the look they helped give it.

    “To give you an example, the vodka is an incredibly unique product — it’s a vodka made from barley, which is almost unheard of,” Cox says. “Usually vodka is made from the cheapest stuff you can get your hands on corn or wheat or potato or whatever it is — and these guys have made this almost what’s called a single malt vodka, and so to support that we created a brand that was incredibly unique,” Cox says.

    Read the full article here

  • Georgia Straight – Pecha Kucha Vancouver gets political, but also highlights health, comics, spiders, and friendship

    PK35_Overview_1-3Charlie Smith, editor of the Georgia Straight and speaker at PechaKucha Night Vol. 35 did a great and generous job of summarizing the event last night.

    Read the article

    If you were there, you’ll probably agree that it was a very special evening. As they all are – but there was a connection between the themes of each speaker’s talk that made each presentation feel like a part of a greater, more cohesive whole, no matter how diverse the ideas put forth were.

    We’ll be posting the videos online shortly. They never quite capture the magic of being there, but they’re always great to refer back to.

  • Vancouver Sun – Talking and thinking design


    Mayor Gregor Robertson made it official last night, proclaiming September 15 – 28 as THE Vancouver Design Week at the Urban Design Awards. Congratulations to all winners and nominees.

    On the heels of that comes this article in the Vancouver Sun looking at the ideas and events behind Vancouver’s first design week.

    “Vancouver’s first Design Week encompasses architecture, interior design, graphic design, food and fashion

    Design affects us every minute of the day: From the way we feel about a room we’re in, a chair we’re sitting on, a park we’re walking through, or what we’re eating. This intensifies in urban environments, where everything we encounter has been deliberately sculpted in some way.

    To get Vancouverites thinking and talking about the importance of good design, a number of citywide design events begin on Monday, as part of Vancouver Design Week. The festival runs for two weeks (Sept. 15 to 28) opening with the City of Vancouver’s inaugural Urban Design Awards — awarded to 10 projects demonstrating excellence in architecture and urban design — and ends with the 10th annual Interior Design Show West (IDS West), which showcases local and international interior design talent, over four days, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.”

    – Rebecca Keillor

    Check out a full list of events on the Vancouver Design Week website for more details.

    Read the full article on the Vancouver Sun  

  • Listen to Jane talk about Cause+Affect, PechaKucha, FUEL and the culture of Vancouver with Mike Eckford on CKNW


    Just a few days before our very first FUEL event, Jane sat down with Mike Eckford of The Shift on CKNW to talk about her work at Cause+Affect, the production of PechaKucha Night, the future of FUEL and the culture of Vancouver.

    On Vancouver as a project:

    “When we came to Vancouver [from London, England] we saw it as a blank canvas of opportunity. I think a lot of the initiatives and work that we’ve done and the clients we’ve worked with … .the work we’ve done is very much based on the idea that we can create the society we want to live in. We’ve almost felt that Vancouver is a project in itself”

    On how Cause+Affect tackles branding:

    “We are a brand consultancy so we do help large organizations and smaller entrepreneurs create their brand and what that is is really helping their culture – really ‘who are we?’ and ‘what do we stand for?’ and ‘what are our values and principles?’ – often it’s very interesting from an outside perspective looking in and saying ‘who are you guys?’ and they say ‘we don’t really know!?’

    On FUEL and how it differs from PechaKucha Night:

    “FUEL is a forum to examine, as a society, where do we want to go and how are we going to get there? We’re bringing together not only local leaders and innovators but also global innovators to Vancouver and I think that’s very different from PechaKucha, which is local for local. This is now connecting Vancouver to the rest of the world.”

    “When we are speaking at FUEL about the entrepreneurial spirit and culture, we’re not just talking about small business owners, we’re actually speaking about that spirit that is innovative and creative. I think this is new force of change makers that exist in the city.”

    Listen to the full interview:

  • Vancouver Sun – Food, design, tech, green sectors collide at conference

    Great coverage of FUEL just a few days before its premiere in the Vancouver Sun:

    “The two-day conference, to be held Thursday at Vancouver Playhouse Theatre and Friday at Museum of Vancouver, will bring together leaders and innovators from all over the world and people from the local food, design, technology and green economy sectors, to see where sparks fly. Planning the structure and content of the event was a collaborative exercise that allowed potential attendees to tell organizers what they wanted to talk about.

    The top priority topic identified by the process was “innovation through the disruption of traditional business models”, according to conference organizer Jane Cox.

    Power used to flow from the top — governments or old-school highly capitalized businesses — but there are indications that a new class of consumers is no longer prepared to play ball by the old rules. And they are supporting collaborative business models and co-creative product development by the millions, said Cox, co-founder of the brand management firm Cause+Affect and the urban salon series Pechakucha Vancouver.”
    -Randy Shore

    Read the full article

  • Watch Jane and Steven on the Urban Rush discuss PechaKucha, FUEL and the Brand of Vancouver – May 22, 2014

    Jane and Steven recently chatted about their work, the culture of Vancouver, PechaKucha and FUEL on The Rush.

    Thanks to Fiona Forbes and everyone at The Rush for having us!

  • Listen to Sarah Dickinson of THNK talk about FUEL on CKNW


    Our good friend and FUEL partner, Sarah Dickinson recently had a conversation with Mike Eckford on CKNW about THNK – the School of Creative Leadership that she is bringing to Vancouver – as well as FUEL, which she and THNK have been instrumental in creating.

    Some juicy quotes about FUEL

    “It’s pretty damn exciting. This is a rare, rare lineup of an incredible combination of experiences compiled over two days to really discuss and act – that’s the crucial bit.”

    On what makes FUEL different from other conferences:

    “This isn’t about the sage on stage. Our ambition is to create a platform of regular events and experiences for people in the city, both entrepreneurs, thought leaders and also engaged citizens who want to help shape the future of the city and better understand some of the most pivotal shifts that are changing the way that we work, the way that we live and the way that we lead.”

    On the FUEL themes of food, design, sustainability and technology:

    “FUEL’s not like other conferences where it’s sector-specific. What we’re interested in is what’s happening in the muddy, grey, mashup [that happens in between]”

    On FUEL’s place locally and globally

    “We’re bringing together some incredible global folks – from the UK, from the US – and they’re part of that dialogue with local leaders. This isn’t just about what Vancouverites can tell Vancouverites; this is about what Vancouver can learn from the rest of the world and, equally, what can we show the world.”

    Listen to the interview here!

    And get your tickets to FUEL (if you haven’t yet) here. Day 1 is on May 29, so there’s not much time left!

    THNK will be leading the Day 2 creative leadership workshop on May 30 at the Museum of Vancouver, so if you want to hear more from Sarah and other visionary leaders, get your tickets now!

  • GRAY Magazine – My Northwest: Jane and Steven Cox in Bestie

    GRAY Magazine, April 2014photo 2Cause+Affect founders Jane and Steven Cox were recently featured in GRAY magazine with a photoshoot inside Bestie – the little sausage and beer parlour that could in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

    Jane and Steven talked about their motivation in designing popular events for creatives to the city – including Fuse and PechaKucha Night as well as the upcoming premiere of FUEL.

    GRAY celebrates the most exciting and innovative design coming out of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

    Read the feature

  • FUEL profile in BC Business

    Jane and Steven sat down with Lucy Hsylop of BC Business to talk about their ambitions with FUEL, its early ticketing+collaboration system and why local businesses should care.

    “The couple says 15 per cent of tickets have been bought since the initiative launched last week, including small business packages by local group Fairware Promotional Products Ltd., which makes socially and environmentally responsible promotional goods, and by Chambar Restaurant.

    Read the full article in BC Business

  • East Van Vodka featured on The Dieline

    east van vodka dieline feature

    We spent a lot of time seeking inspiration and reviewing trends on The Dieline when designing Odd Society Spirits’ bottles, so we’re quite pleased that East Van Vodka has been featured on the most visited website on package design in the world.

    Read The Dieline’s feature on East Van Vodka