CLOSED: Cause+Affect wants to hire a Senior Project Manager. Is it you?

Cause+Affect is  looking for a unique person to lead the project management of all brand and strategy work within our company.

You, definitely:

  • are better at what you do than anyone else you know
  • have 5 years experience leading projects in an agency environment
  • are looking for small team to take a key role within
  • can jump from macro to micro without noticing
  • are comfortable telling people what to do, even those more senior than you
  • know a ton of people and would naturally develop business opportunities
  • appreciate the creative process but know deep down in your soul that your skill lies its facilitation

You, maybe:

  • are working within a large agency and feel that you are not given the responsibility that you deserve
  • left your previous position as the work did not reflect your values
  • are getting back into possible employment after a break for kids or a business venture
  • are currently running your own thing but are tired of the grind and are looking for new allies
  • are thinking about moving to Vancouver or have just landed
  • are in a non-creative company and feel that your soul is slowly dying a little each day

The role will work directly with our Creative Director and Head of Strategy

75% Project Management + Account Management
• Scope of work and formalization of project specs
• PM throughout entire production process (strategy, identity, engagement)
• Project reporting (timelines, budget, scope/change requests, post mortems)
• Process (documentation, standards, efficiencies, etc)

15% Ops/Finance
• Monthly financial reporting (profitability, cash flow)
• Budgeting/forecasting
• What projects are profitable and why
• Identify areas of growth, trends, risks
• Payables/Receivables

10% Office/HR
• Office Equipment
• Supplies and Suppliers

Desired Skills & Experience
• 5 years experience managing brand, advertising, design, web projects
• Proven expertise and systems knowledge for project management
• Proven financial forecasting, budgeting and management
• Usual Suspects: Pages, Numbers, Excel, Keynote, Google Docs
• Knowledge of Adobe, basic HTML, or other creative/technical skills a bonus