Lead with Culture

Turning businesses into culture and brands into relationships.

Great organizations put culture first.

A defined and understood culture gives leaders a compass to make strategic decisions that motivate their team and connect with their audiences. Without a culture-led strategy, organizations aren’t able to communicate how what they do is different and why it matters.

Traditional strategic planning begins with declaring the mission and vision of the organization. However, without an emotional stance, a meaningful point of view or passion and purpose, it is impossible to paint the picture of the future and enrol others in the journey towards it.

Enrolment is what’s missing from every dysfunctional organization. Enrolment means that people aren’t working for you just for a paycheque; they’re working for you because they share your dream for the future and they want to go there with the shared culture you’ve defined together.

Business strategies are more effective when you lead with culture because they consider not only the cause, or principles behind their plan but also the affect, how they are going to connect emotionally with others to achieve their goals.

Inspiration makes us act.