If you are launching a new product, service or initiative, you absolutely must build your brand to the needs and wants of the SIQIC™ (psychic). Wooing them is one of the best investments you can make.

causeaffect siqic audience insight

SIQICs™, the audience that matters

At Cause+Affect, our insight frames an audience and, more specifically, the ability to create brands that resonate with them. The audience that we understand, and help our clients engage, is the audience that sets trends and creates change in our society. We know their needs, wants and – most importantly – their extreme level of influence.

We know this group so well that we named it, each member being a SIQIC™ (psychic). This name refers to their ability to inform the future and stands for their desire of the brand attributes; Sustainability, Intelligence, Quality, Individuality, and Craft.

Why is it so important to reach them?

Our society consists of two distinct groups. There are those that are excited about change and those anxious about it. SIQICs™ are in the group that loves change, being responsible for pretty much every trend created around a new product, service or initiative.

In order for the others to follow along with SIQICs™ and have the trend become mainstream, the new concept needs to be so infused in our culture that there is almost no risk involved with its adoption. Therefore, if you miss the first group, you have no chance of introducing a new product or service to the second, you will just be too big a risk.

How do “SIQICs” behave?

The demographic differences within this group will affect the degree to which SIQICs™ demand the five brand attributes of Sustainability, Individuality, Quality, Intelligence and Craft. Miss one attribute and you may be OK, but miss two and you will miss this group entirely.

Capture this group by meeting their high standards and they become passionately loyal to you. They sing/blog/tweet your praises setting trends and styles like no other group in history. They’re also the first and fiercest to criticize what they see as inauthentic or harmful. They have the potential to be your best customers or your worst enemies.