The legacy of D.H.E.

Back in November of 2010 we decided to put a rock&roll band on the stage to open Pecha Kucha Night. It was our 14th show and we thought it would bring some life to the event. Who knew that this decision would bring so much to the future of Cause+Affect. The band we chose was called The Racoons, and lucky for us, they brought along an additional member of the group for the live performance: a trumpet player named Doug Hamilton-Evans.

Following the gig, Jane had a short conversation with him and it turns out that Doug could write even better than he played the trumpet. Coincidentally, he was also a former student of a wonderful friend and colleague of ours named Brian Hendricks. Brian taught at UVic and in turn vouched for these writing talents that Doug spoke about. That proved to be enough for us, Doug joined Cause+Affect as our “communications guy”.

His first project was working out brand messaging for Modo leading to a 6 year stint that involved many other local brands including Odd Society Spirits, Tides Canada, Fresh Roots, Pivot Legal Society, Fairware, Integrative, Equilibrium, Citystudio, PechaKucha Night and most recently, VIFF. For these clients, Doug was in charge of writing, ideas, and brand strategy as well as being the nicest guy around. He treated our clients as friends and in many ways became a role model for how we interact with the people we work with.

Doug created this role himself and has evolved and crafted it over the years. As it turns out, it will be somewhat difficult to replicate. See, more important than just work stuff, Doug’s role included many other things that contributed to what has made Cause+Affect what it is. Crucial cultural decisions like playlists, office locations, how we talked about ourselves, coffee brands, social activities, potential clients, cocktail recipes and alcoholic must have’s, blog topics, holiday literature, and bike riding fashion and accessories were all his “bailey wick”. They will now be at the mercy of the collective.

This is because Doug is leaving Cause+Affect. He has decided to expand this mind, grow his skills and take in more of what the world has to offer him. He will begin a Masters of Media and Communications at the illustrious Goldsmiths in London, UK in September.

On behalf of Jane and everyone else who has been a part of Cause+Affect during the reign of Doug Hamilton Evans, we would like to take this opportunity to publicly say thank you. We have accomplished an amazing amount over the past 6 years and you have been a part of all of it.

London is lucky to have you.

Now, just before you go, can you post this to the blog….nobody knows how to do that.