Modo’s Bold Brand

Modo Van

We designed the Modo logo over four years ago in a rebrand process that turned the Cooperative Auto Network into the Modo we know today.

It was a big jump for the Cooperative Auto Network, which began – and stays true to its roots – as a grassroots sustainability and community-building organization. At that time, there was even an internal struggle about whether we should put the logo on the cars or not. There was a sense that by displaying the brand we were somehow “selling” Modo and compromising the values of the organization.

Four years later and Modo has grown in vehicle number, awareness and, most importantly, members. And it remains true to its values in thought and action.

In this time, Modo’s brand has come to symbolize its culture, beliefs and service to the community.

The photo above is of our latest branding for one of their cargo vans.

Clearly, things have changed.

This kind of brand boldness is such as amazing departure from where we began. It shows how confidence grows as organizations learn to embody their own unique culture and take pride in the symbolism of it.

There are more bold moves to come from Modo, such as their merger with the Victoria Car Share and their launch of new digital tools.

We can’t wait.