Project Description

The EPIC brand continues to garner The GLOBE Foundation of Canada rave reviews and has expanded to now include EPIC Dubai. Cause+Affect identified an emerging consumer lifestyle that involved consumption without guilt, style without sacrifice and quality instead of quantity. We named them Ethical, Progressive, Intelligent, Consumers and constructed one of the most influential green brands in Canada.

“Cause+Affect not only helped us create a brand that resonated with a large public audience, they have helped us make sustainability cool and accessible. EPIC was a brand that was unique in its time because it represented the future of sustainability by avoiding cliche green symbols and messaging that were so prevalent at the time. Cause+Affect gave us more than an event brand, they gave us a solid brand foundation that we could internally develop and grow overtime. Since its launch in 2007, we have developed EPIC Dubai and this year we launch EPIC Fest.”

– John D. Wiebe – The GLOBE Foundation