Project Description

We worked with Fairware as equal parts strategic brand consultants and designers. 

As brand consultants, we helped them move their image beyond that of just an online store for the most sustainable and ethical promotional products to an agency of experts that can help their clients make meaningful connections with their audience through thoughtful promotional materials.

As designers, we crafted a brand aesthetic that communicated their expertise, sophistication and fun-loving nature with a new logotype and revised supporting mark, colour palette, photo treatment and updated messaging.

“After years of doing our own branding and marketing materials in-house we took the leap and engaged Cause+Affect in a wholesale rethink and redesign of our brand. Their process was intuitive and enlightening – it helped us unpack the elements of our business that make us unique and keep us passionate. The team also helped us step outside the ‘bubble’ (and the jargon) that we operate in, to ensure our new brand and messaging has broad appeal.

We love the look and the freshness of the new and improved Fairware brand, but the substantive take away for our team is a clear articulation of what we do, why we do it and why our prospects and customers should call us first. It felt like the crew at Cause and Affect were able to distill our essence in a way we never could.”

– Denise Taschereau & Sarah White, Co-Founders of Fairware