Project Description

FUEL is our newest events initiative and it stands for the Future of Urbanity, the Environment and our Lifestyles. It encapsulates a big batch of complicated topics within one simple word that carries a deeper meaning. Fuel is the food for action, which is exactly what we want FUEL to be.

As our own clients, we could take the FUEL brand as far as we wanted, so we took it pretty far. Visually, FUEL is bright, vibrant and colourful to reflect the optimism, fun and solutions-oriented approach we want to embed in our events. It was designed to be consistent and present within every FUEL experience, be it online, in print or live on the stage. Most importantly, we wanted FUEL to stand out. The last thing we want is just another “sage on the stage” conference. We want to find new possibilities at the intersection of ideas and encourage action.

Couldn’t make FUEL 2014? Read our report on the ideas shared with links to videos of the presentations.