Project Description

FUSE created a completely new experience of the Vancouver Art Gallery for a new generation and greatly improved membership sales and the overall cultural influence of the institution in the process. Now in its 8th year, FUSE continues to be a shining example of the benefit to understanding the relationship between social and cultural experiences.

“Cause+Affect understands that inspired learning and programming are key components of building and engaging public participation that is meaningful and vital to cultural development.  Through the creation of Fuse, the VAG was able to reach a new audience and in turn increase memberships through a social convening full of internally developed multi-faceted programming.  Our collaboration with Cause+Affect and  their PechaKucha event while I was both at the VAG and the CAG demonstrated their like-minded values of culture building from the bottom up.”

– Heidi Reitmaier, Beatrice C. Mayer Director and Curator of Education at MCA Chicago (formally Director and Curator of Education at Vancouver Art Gallery)