Modo, The Car Co-op

Modo, The Car Co-op

Project Description

In the 15 months after the rebrand, Modo saw a 30% increase in new members each month and grew their fleet by 30 vehicles in 25 new locations. With close to 300 branded vehicles on the road, Modo has virtually eliminated the need for traditional advertising and now exists as the number one carshare option in Vancouver and one of North America’s thought leaders in the carshare industry.

“Cause+Affect worked with our management and board to create a new brand from the inside out, building upon the Co-operative Auto Network’s history, core values and culture, but then reframed our story to engage new audiences. Since becoming Modo two years ago, we have seen a dramatic elevation of our brand in the minds of prospective members and continue to see significant benefits from our new brand foundation.”

– Phil Baudin, Executive Director, Modo The Car Co-op