Modo – Brand evolution

Modo – Brand evolution

Project Description

We created the brand for Modo – the Car Co-op three years ago. Since then, it has become a pillar in the Vancouver community and expanded to Victoria. With more brand confidence and recognizability, Modo needed to evolve to reach a broader audience.

Much of the evolution was editing. Modo is now well known enough that we could remove ‘the car co-op’ from the name. We also dropped the range of colours in exchange for secondary colours that put the focus on ‘Modo red.’

The brand became bolder in its application, as seen in high profile items like the new member’s kit and the cargo vans. New photos give an authentic glimpse into life with Modo at work and play, using local landmarks and real members whenever possible.

Lastly, the Modo Manifesto declares their beliefs to the world and their vision to share the future.

Marketing photography by Tristan Casey