Oil Sands Reality Check

Oil Sands Reality Check

Project Description

“We brought Cause+Affect an extremely complex communications challenge: how to frame a highly controversial issue, share information that most Canadians would prefer not to know, and effectively counter the spin and half-truths from a trillion dollar industry with limitless resources.

The projects we came up with – Tar Sands Solutions Network and the Oil Sands Reality Check – met our objectives perfectly. They had forward-looking names that reflected our message framing goals, fresh brands that made the movement look professional and inspiring, and great content that engaged our audiences with the important information we had to offer.

Cause+Affect’s ability to handle complexity, bring very creative ideas to the table, and walk the line between communicating what our movement wanted while making the work accessible to new audiences outside our bubble is what set them apart.”

Jason Mogus, Digital Director, Tar Sands Solutions Network