Tides Canada Rebrand

Tides Canada Rebrand

Project Description

A healthy environment. Social equity. Economic prosperity. We cannot pursue any of these in isolation. The attainment of one relies on the consideration of the others. The Tides Canada brand embodies the interwoven connection between these concerns. It represents the uncommon solutions required to achieve the common good – such as bringing together unlikely partners and those that can give, invest and act under one roof.

“When we started working with Cause+Affect several years ago, we were ready to express the growth and development of Tides Canada’s work in a new and dynamic way. The Cause+Affect team took us through an insightful branding process that helped us to align our depiction of the many facets of our work more effectively. They were invested not only in our project, but also in our organization. Steven, in particular, helped our leadership and staff navigate a number of considerations in developing the next generation of our brand. The result is a refreshed Tides Canada brand that truly reflects the spirit and trajectory of our organization. We’re delighted with our new look and are proud to have worked with the dedicated and passionate team at Cause+Affect.”

– Ross McMillan, President & CEO, Tides Canada