Watch each talk from PechaKucha Night Vol. 32


Once again, we’ve uploaded each and every single talk from PechaKucha Night Vol. 32 to our Vimeo account for your enjoyment.

Feast upon the ideas and stories to your curiosity’s content. Share them with your friends. Turn some of that inspiration into action. Meet a stranger. Work abroad. Cook a nice meal. Write a short story. Pay for music. Go build a treehouse or something. Enjoy!


Erin Ireland – Food reporter and owner of To Die For Fine Foods

Erin talks about her love of food and path to ‘flexitarianism’.
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Connor Lowe – Interactive Art Director at Aritzia and Co-Founder at Give

Connor talks about interaction design (“I make buttons for a living”) and the four trends that inform his recent work with Give, which can allow anyone to give any amount of money to any artist.
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Malcolm Levy – Artist, curator and producer of New Forms Festival and Hybridity Media

Malcolm talks about seeing the world differently.
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Alice Jongerden – Co-Owner of Home on the Range Organics and Raw Milk Activist

Alice talks about her quest to provide local, sustainable, organic foods, specifically milk from grass fed cows ‘unadulterated in any way’.
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Colin Easton – Writer, hobby photographer and Creator of The Stranger Project

Colin talks about The Stranger Project, where he seeks out a stranger every day and writes about it. The connections made and the stories that come out are extraordinary.
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Nikolas Badminton – Principal of DesignCultureMind

Nikolas rails against our over reliance on screens and demands that you put on a banana suit and go to a rave.
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Grant Lawrence – Canadian Broadcaster, Author, Musician

Grant delivers a talk called: “Hamilton Street: 25 Years of Art, Inspiration and Employment”
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Jen Sookfong Lee – Author

Jen talks about a life of writing stories and the books, people, history and places that inspire her. But not before thanking a woman in the audience for helping her flush the toilet.
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Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo – Co-Founders of Capulet Communications

Darren and Julie do their work from beautiful locations around the world and you can too!
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David Long – Co-Founder of The Practice of Everyday Design

David talks about the process and unexpected, quirky results of his work in collaboration with his partner at The Practice of Everyday Design. Examples include a mobile office made of discarded debris, a logchop bench in collaboration with a lumberjill and a saddle maker, and trying to win a public art installation competition.
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Ian Wojtowicz – Miscellaneous Projects Inc.

Ian is a graduate of MIT, holds a patent in mobile software, was the founding editor of a cultural magazine published online that pre-dates the world wide web, has taught at Emily Carr and MIT, has exhibited art internationally and has been featured in Wired Magazine. In this talk, he gives us the briefest glimpse into the genius behind  some of his fascinating work.
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