happens, that’s a fact. Seasons remind us that change is a normal part of nature and we’re connected to this system, whether we’re tuned into that or not.

Being aware of our connection to the natural rhythms of the season gives us an empathetic compass for better understanding where we are at. It guides our time spent focussed inward on discovery, learning and reflection or outwards in activation, collaboration and creation.

A brand can similarly serve an organization. Rooted in unique values, a brand acts as a compass to inform decision-making around key business activities such as market positioning, new initiatives, staff hiring, marketing and engagement efforts.

When things change within our business, we turn my attention back to our own brand to help us navigate the future with openness, trust and curiosity and clarity. This mindset, although not always easy, has served us well over the years. It has enabled us to connect with fantastic clients and realize amazing projects, fulfilling our mission to help organizations and groups connect better with others.

So with connection in mind, how does your brand build new relationships and nurture existing ones? How do you express your culture in unique and meaningful ways? What does your organization want to be known for?

Connection is the basis of evolution.