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Cause+Affect was founded as a catalyst for a better future. We collaborate exclusively with organizations that share this transformative vision.

About Us

Cause+Affect is a leading brand and communications agency with a deep understanding of social impact and conscientious growth. We provide purpose-driven strategies to our clients that propel their businesses and organizations forward while nurturing a world that thrives. With expertise in strategy, branding, creative content, and digital design, we help our clients improve their internal alignment and grow their external engagement. 

Our Leadership

Jane Cox

Co-Founder, Principal

Jane Cox is a seasoned brand and engagement strategist renowned for her expertise in developing and fortifying organizational brands and initiatives, elevating their visibility, significance, and impact among diverse stakeholders. Her dedication to social good, community, culture, and placemaking has earned her recognition as a "Canadian Catalyst" and an exceptional leader by The Globe and Mail. 

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Steve Cox

Co-Founder, Principal

Steven is an accomplished Creative Director with a passion for empowering companies to achieve greater impact and unlock growth potential. Beginning his career as an Architect, his professional journey consistently mirrors his fervor for design, sustainability, and community, with a consistent emphasis on placemaking.

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Jordyn Taylor-Robins

Design Director

With an innate passion for social impact and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, Jordyn effortlessly infuses her designs with a sense of purpose and vitality. Her big picture thinking and love for vibrant palettes converge to create designs that not only captivate the eye but also convey messages of positive change.

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Our Team

Aligned with purpose

Our diverse portfolio of clients and projects has built our reputation for top-tier work and we’re supported by a select group of experts and partners who are all motivated by the same passion for creativity to drive positive change.

Our culture is built on our shared values—guiding who we work with, who we support and our strategic decision-making.

Our Values

Personal Meaning Matters

We work with organizations that are motivated by a desire to do good. We may not be saving the world, but we’ve found our cause in helping others who, in their own way, are bold enough to take a shot at it.

Connection that Inspires

We strengthen connections between people and create things that inspire others to act. There is no fearmongering, shaming, guilting or lecturing. People are drawn to things they feel connected to, and it’s our job to make that possible.

People Driven Creativity

Helping others be successful is how we know we’re doing our best work. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula because every opportunity is unique. Our clients have the vision, our role is to articulate it creatively.

Design Optimism

The design process is a way of researching, testing, iterating, and activating creative solutions. It is, in our humble opinion, the best way to approach new opportunities. Ideas come easily, but we use design to help us locate and pursue the ones with real potential.