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The Polygon Gallery
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Unique architecture becomes the source of inspiration for launch.

The Polygon Gallery is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of photography and media art, aiming to create engaging experiences with the world's most compelling artists and foster conversations that confront our past, present, and ourselves.

When tasked with developing marketing and communication materials for the launch of this remarkable institution, we leveraged the timeless architecture designed by Patkau Architects to craft something unforgettable. Our celebration focused on the clean lines, interplay of light and space, and boundless creativity defining the gallery's design. Our objective was not only to inform but also to leave a lasting impression on all who encountered our work. 

We believe that art transcends mediums, and we were excited to utilize this extraordinary architecture to help narrate The Polygon Gallery's exceptional story. In the end, a simple silhouette graphic was developed to maintain a humble and sophisticated launch philosophy. 

Cause+Affect worked with us for the launch of the Gallery. We have continued to work with Jane as she recommended our venue and directed a vision for one of the largest events our Gallery has hosted to date. The event was successful and the client extremely happy. Most recently Jane invited us to participate as a partner for a campaign called 'In Our Hearts’ that her team was producing for Vancouver Foundation to align with their Community Response Fund’s expansion to support the arts and culture community. We look forward to continuing to develop opportunities to work together.

Jessica Bouchard, Associate Director