Canada’s first 100% package-free grocery store

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We turned Zero Waste Market into Nada.

Nada customers bring their own containers (or use Nada’s) and buy only what they need, saving money, reducing food waste and eliminating all the packaging that ends up in our oceans and landfills. Nada also curates the best quality foods from the region right from the source.

The Nada brand was about liberation. The liberation of food from packaging. The liberation from unjust food systems. The liberation that comes from true choice. The liberation of feeling good by doing good.

The Nada brand encourages people to rethink the way they buy food by welcoming them to a new fun way to do it, rather than chastising or criticizing.

Aesthetic inspiration

The brand’s visual identity was inspired by the typography and colours of mural art and sign painting as emblems of community and small business. Honest, human and vibrant. The logo is no-nonsense and to the point as a bold stance against food waste.

Jane and her team are nothing short of inspiring. Every session spent with Cause+Affect was carefully curated and inclusive, which lead to a strong foundation of trust. The outcome well exceeded our expectations and our customers and community have had nothing but praise.

Brianne Miller, Founder & CEO, Nada