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Spring, a global network dedicated to fostering a sustainable, healthy, and equitable world, collaborated with Cause+Affect to revitalize its brand for an upcoming expansion. The project aimed to achieve several goals: creating an authentic, contemporary, and self-assured brand to stand out in a competitive market, developing a new brand system to clarify its diverse offerings and accommodate future growth, and articulating and visualizing the Spring ethos through a suite of marketing templates for multiple purposes.

Sub-brand System

We designed a sub-brand system to bring clarity to Spring's diverse business streams. This system captures the serious essence of their purpose-driven investment arm and infuses a collaborative vibe into their community platform.

Internal Alignment

We tackled marketing challenges by boosting inbound leads through comprehensive brand guidelines for internal teams. This included clear directions for messaging and visually engaging design templates.

Rooted in Values

The brand persona we crafted for this passionate and sincere entrepreneurial team was genuinely fueled by their shared ethos and commitment to living by their values. We orchestrated brand values exercises for the entire staff, ensuring that every voice contributed to a collective understanding of the brand journey.

Cause+Affect has been a transformative force for Spring, infusing vitality into our global brand dedicated to sustainable impact. Their work in revitalizing our brand system brilliantly clarified our diverse business streams, merging purpose-driven essence with strategy. Jane and Jordyn's commitment to engaging our team in the brand journey, facilitated through workshops, training, and comprehensive brand guidelines, ensures our impactful brand design remains consistent. Their commendable commitment to refining our values shapes a brand persona that authentically mirrors our entrepreneurial team. With their expertise, we are confidently navigating a competitive market, poised for future growth.

Keith Ippel, Co-leading Spring Impact Capital, Spring Activator, and Spring Investing Collective