North America's first fitness studio for your brain

Mindeo Brain Fitness
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The brain is the lens through which we see the world around us.

The brain is often overlooked in discussions of health and wellness, despite being the most vital organ in the body and the lens through which we see and interact with the world around us. Neglecting brain fitness can lead to a variety of negative symptoms, including cognitive decline and emotional instability.

Mindeo has developed a series of Neuro Fitness Programs statistically proven to improve Cognitive Vitality. Their clients are looking for better sleep, improved memory and concentration, better management of stress or anxiety or simply a more positive outlook on the world around them.

Mindeo engaged Cause+Affect for strategic brand services that included market positioning, naming, identity, narrative, communications and environments.

It was an absolute pleasure working Cause+Affect. The work they did to help us realize our vision was fundamental to how we brought this concept to market, and how we are now growing it into the future.

Luke Starbuck, Co-Founder, Mindeo