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Cause+Affect’s Jane Cox served as co-director of the inaugural Vancouver Design Week in 2014.

Cause+Affect played a crucial role in organizing Vancouver Design Week, driven by our deep commitment to nurturing creativity, innovation, and community engagement within the city. Recognizing the transformative power of design in shaping urban environments and influencing cultural landscapes, Cause+Affect saw an opportunity to bring together diverse design professionals, enthusiasts, and the broader community to celebrate and explore the dynamic world of design.

Design to represent design

Our passion for storytelling and creating meaningful connections aligned seamlessly with the goals of Vancouver Design Week – to highlight the impact of design on various aspects of daily life and to encourage dialogue and collaboration among individuals from different design disciplines.

Cause+Affect's involvement in the creation of Vancouver Design Week underscores our dedication to contributing to the cultural and creative vibrancy of the city. By leading this initiative, the agency aimed to not only showcase the talent and innovation within the design community but also to inspire a broader appreciation for the role of design in shaping a more vibrant and interconnected urban experience for all.