North America's first carsharing co-operative

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From obscurity to ubiquity, Co-operative Auto Network becomes Modo.

The Modo brand grew out of an intense stakeholder engagement process and a very passionate membership. Initially a little hesitant with the significant brand evolution, the die-hards were slowly won over. In the 15 months after the initial rebrand in 2011, Modo saw a 30% increase in new members each month and grew their fleet by 30 vehicles in 25 new locations.

The evolution of the Modo brand

The name Modo was a nickname that grew out of multi-modal transportation. It was short, easy to read and remember, especially when it drove past you at speed. This was important as the launch marketing budget was going to rely heavily on the cars as billboards. 

With increased confidence and recognizability, the Modo brand was in a position to embody a bold simplicity and the confidence that carsharing is the future for our cities and communities. To personify this, we developed a brand manifesto built on Modo's vision to share the future.

A local expert

Building on their community knowledge and connections, Modo's brand stood for local expertise. The initial photo library gave an authentic glimpse into life with Modo at work and play, using local landmarks and real members whenever possible.

Cause+Affect worked with our management and board to create a new brand from the inside out. Since becoming Modo we have seen a dramatic elevation of our brand.

Phil Baudin, Executive Director, Modo The Car Co-op, 2012